An Unprecedented Time for San Jose

This is an unprecedented time for our community. Developers from around the country and around the world are spending billions of dollars on new high-rise buildings, creating millions of square feet of new commercial space. This development boom will make space for a continuing stream of tech companies moving into our community.

There are currently at least 50 multi-unit residential and hotel development projects proposed or planned in San Jose.  In total these development projects would create more than 13,000 new housing units and more than 1,200 hotel rooms. Eleven projects have already been approved by city regulators and proposals for 39 projects are being reviewed by San Jose authorities.

But who will this new development benefit? Will this be our San Jose or the developers’ San Jose?

While property values and rents soar, wages are staying largely stagnant. In the face of rising rents, working families in San Jose—many of whom have lived here for generations–are feeling the squeeze and struggling to afford to stay in our community.

Our community is changing faster and more dramatically than ever.

The development that is happening in our San Jose right now will shape the political and economic landscape of our community for generations. This is the time to stand up for responsible development in San Jose and work together to build a community where working families can live and thrive.